Diana Korsakaite, Chief of Party of the USAID Project, spoke at a signing ceremony with important implications for Energy Efficiency projects in Kyiv. “The USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine actively supports the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the attraction of investments in the housing sector of the Ukrainian capital. Next week we will open a free information hotline on saving energy, programs to support energy efficiency measures, the establishment of condominiums, and other issues. Anyone can get free expert advice on how to properly insulate a house, how to save energy, how to create condominiums, how to receive a loan and compensation for implementing energy efficiency projects in buildings under state and municipal programs, etc.”

The event marked the signing of an agreement between the Department of Housing and Communal Infrastructure of the KSCA, with Oshchadbank and Ukrgazbank regarding the reimbursement of the "warm" loans principal for the residents of Kyiv. The agreement envisages that 40% of the loan for the materials and equipment is reimbursed by the State Agency for Energy Efficiency, and 30% by the city of Kyiv. The maximum amount of compensation from the municipal budget is UAH 14,000 per apartment per year. It is expected that funding from the local budget in 2016 will reach at least UAH 4 million.