On 28 September, the deputies of the Sumy City Council supported the Sustainable Action Plan (SEAP) through 2025. The document was developed with support of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project (USAID Project).

If all the projects planned in the SEAP are implemented, the annual reduction of СОemissions would be 134,600 t (26.2% of emissions in the baselineyear of 2013), andfuel and energy resources of over 371,600 MWh/year (21.3%) would be saved. Over the whole period of SEAP implementation, expenses for the fuel and energy resources would fall byat least UAH 1.7 billion (at current tariffs). Should the tariffs increase, this amount will be higher. The plan also calls to replace 10.8 million mof natural gas (5.8%) with renewable energy sources. Read more<<