The Manual is designed for managers of the municipalities, providers of communal  services, and for the specialists of local communities. The Manual  provides fundamentals of energy management system, implementation methods and positive results of the system functioning, irrespective of the size and ownership form of the company or object.


Objective of the manual is to provide knowledge on fundamentals of energy management, implementation methods and positive results of the system functioning, irrespective of the size and ownership form of the company or object.


The Energy Management Manual is designed for both managers of the municipalities and communal utilities providing communal services, and for the specialists of local communities. The Manual will be useful for teachers of the universities, students of the energy departments and professional energy auditors.


The manual may become a catalyst for introduction of energy management in all economy spheres, for change of mindset and mentality of population, for quick and significant reduction of energy resources consumption.

Everyone who receives the manual will appreciate its contents and importance of knowledge presented in itBut the manual must become a resource book for the majority of managers and specialists in the cities and companies of Ukraine.


In connection with growth of investments in the energy sector of Ukraine, advantage is mostly given to renewable energy (RE) technologies which are costly but very popular today. For the countries with developed energy management system, where possibilities for energy efficiency improvement with conventional energy sources are exhausted, and where financial resources are available, this is a correct and timely solution.

For Ukraine, where conventional energy sources have huge potential for energy efficiency increase, and energy management is in its initial phase, construction of an efficient energy sector, according to recommendations of the international organizationAssociation of Energy Engineers” (AEE), must have form of a pyramid presented below

Effective energy sector is constructed in the following sequence:

·        Energy saving these fundamentals of an efficient energy sector which is aimed at significant reduction of energy consumption due to introduction of low-cost and organizational measures, which is achieved through introduction of the energy management system.

·        Energy efficiency improvement this is rehabilitation and modernization of the existing energy supply and energy consumption systems, which improves efficiency of the equipment and systems.

·        Demand for energy sourcesthis is diversification of energy sources which should be started when energy efficiency increase of the existing energy generation and consumption systems is exhausted.

·        Renewable energy sourcesthese are costly but environmentally attractive projects which should be started after exhausting of possibilities for improvement of the energy supply and consumption systems presented above.

This sequence of actions will ensure both efficient energy consumption and efficient use of funds of the consumers and investors. But construction of an efficient energy sector begins from the fundamentalsenergy management, therefore publication of this manual is a very important and timely event.

This manual includes ten important parts, which is related to the establishing and functioning of energy management systems in municipalities and communal enterprises.

First part provides short characteristic of communal services in Ukraine as an object of energy management. Second chapter provides describe existing regulatory background for the energy management.  Next chapter includes overall description of energy management system as pre ISO 50001 Energy Management.  Fifth chapter describes necessity of establishing data collection, analytical, monitoring and informational systems.  Chapters 6, 7 and 8 concentrate on providing energy audits of communal systems and buildings. Chapter 9 describes ecological and emissions aspects. Tenth chapter provides specific background to procurement of energy management related activities.


This manual was distributed among all partner cities, communal enterprises of USAID Project partner cities and other project counterparts.