To promote financing for energy efficiency improvements in its partner cities, the USAID Project through USAID/Ukraine worked with commercial banks or other financial institutions to provide partial guarantees (DCA). Partial guarantees support lending for investment activities within the framework of the USAID Project. 

To successfully fulfil this task, the USAID Project conducted trainings for the employees of its partner banks on the following issues: evaluation of energy efficiency projects, underwriting, risk management, ensuring requirements for the timely submission of reporting, evaluation of the efficiency of the financed projects, and performance monitoring of the financed energy efficiency projects.  

The USAID Project cooperated with financial institutions and other donors to ensure in Ukraine balanced lending practices and legal provisions to encourage commercial investments in the energy efficiency sector.

In addition, the Project provided technical support and carried out capacity building activities for the commercial banks to provide energy efficiency loans to the municipalities, communal utilities, condominiums, and private sector entities implementing energy efficiency projects in the housing or public building sectors (such as Energy Service Companies).

USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project