The Homeowners Association (HOA) Resource Center in Vinnytsia (on the basis of Vinnytsia City Council) provides support to activities of the HOAs in the city. In the reporting period (2015 – 3 quarters of 2017), 3,798 initiative groups and residents obtained consultations on establishment and operation of the HOAs. In addition, the Resource Center team held 286 informational meetings on HOA establishment. The Resource Center representatives organized 57 training events.


From the beginning of 2017, 36 new HOAs appeared in Vinnytsia. As of September 30, 2017, a total of 467 HOAs have been established in the city.

The CRC team has disseminated in three last months 5,800 copies of the information leaflets on the procedure of HOA establishment and their advantages in the hall of Vinnytsia City Council, in City Council transparent offices and in ZhEKs. Similar information was placed on the communal bills for the co-owners of multi-apartment buildings. 30 advertising posters appeared on the public transport stops in the city. The HOA chairmen receive regularly methodological materials and normative and legal acts related to HOA functioning.