The basis for development of the complex energy efficiency measures included in the SEAPs of USAID Project partner cities were the results of energy audits in major sectors of the municipal infrastructure. The study was conducted by the leading experts of Ukraine who, together with the specialists of the City Executive Committee and communal utilities, have developed several dozen investment proposals. For implementation of SEAP measures in Dnipro to be more effective, the USAID Project team collected the project proposals in a catalog of investment projects. For each project included in the SEAP, the experts on financial investments and strategic planning identified the best financing sources and strategy.

Dnipro Sustainable Energy Action Plan for 2015-2025 was approved by the City Council decision #39/62 on 11 March 2015. 

Implementation of all SEAP measures before 2025 will allow to: reduce annual energy consumption by 20.2%; substitute the share of natural gas with alternative energy by 20.5%; reduce CO2 emissions by 26%; reduce water consumption by 9%.