The city works with the residents and improves their awareness of energy saving and energy efficiency, conducts the specialized exhibitions, presentations and other education events.

The USAID Project is conducting an information campaign in the city. The outdoor social advertisement "Insulate correctly!" developed by the USAID Project is placed about the city on 30 billboards and 5 city-lights. In June 2015, Sustainable Energy Days were conducted in Sumy for the first time. The event was repeated in 2016 too. The information portal of the Sumy City Council contains the episodes of “Your Home” TV show created with support of the USAID Project on TV channel UA:PERSHYI.

In 2016, four schools of the city participated in the national competition on energy saving within the framework of the USAID Project. Maksym Savchenko Specialized School # 7 became one of the winners.