To achieve the objectives identified by the Covenant of Mayors, the city, with support of the USAID Project, developed the Kherson Sustainable Energy Action Plan for 2015-2030 (SEAP). The document was adopted by City Council Resolution # 1712 of 20 February 2015 and is now in the process of being updated.

The SEAP was developed based on the results of energy audits conducted in major sectors of the municipal infrastructure. The study was conducted by leading Ukrainian experts and specialists from the City Executive Committee and communal utilities, and it resulted in several dozen investment proposals. In order to present to the city management, banking institutions and potential investors the general technical and economic characteristics of these projects, the USAID Project team collected the project proposals and developed the Registry of investment projects. It also presents results expected from the implementation of the Kherson SEAP projects. 

Taking into account that the reduction of СОemissions by 20% by the year 2020 is an impossible task for the city due to objective reasons, the Covenant of Mayors goals have been divided for the planning of Kherson’s sustainable energy development into the periods through 2020 and through 2030. 

The implementation of SEAP measures in full before 2030 will enable the municipality to reduce CO2 emissions by 346,900 t/year or over 36% of the baseline year (2013); reduce annual energy resources consumption by 88,200 th. m3 of natural gas and 144,700 MWh.