Recently, the city intensified its work with the public regarding energy saving and energy efficiency issues. Special seminars, conferences, presentations, campaigns and educational events are being organized and conducted in Kherson. The USAID Project has been conducting an information campaign in the city. The "Insulate Correctly!" outdoor social advertisement developed by the Project has been placed on 10 billboards in Kherson. The Sustainable Energy Days have been conducted in Kherson twice.

In 2016, five schools from the city participated in the national competition on energy saving within the framework of the USAID Project. Secondary School # 57, with a focus on the study of foreign languages, was one of the winners.



Kherson City NGO “Condominium Development Center “Plich-O-Plich”  deals with the activities of homeowner associations from multi-apartment buildings (condominiums). 181 initiative groups received advisory assistance from the Resource Center team in 2015 - 1st half of 2016. It conducted over 170 information-focused meetingson condominium establishment in different districts of Kherson, and organized 14 training events: seminars and round tables on condominium activities.

In 18 months, 124 condominiums were registered. As of 30 June 2016, 471 condominium had been established in Kherson. The Resource Center initiated the development and adoption of the municipal program on partial compensation of loans taken out by the condominiums from banking institutions, and the oblast program for compensation of interest rates. Also, the Kherson Oblast energy efficiency and renewable energy development program was adopted. It envisages compensation for loans to the populace, housing and construction cooperatives and condominiums for EE measures.