To achieve the goals identified by the Covenant of Mayors, the city developedthe Rivne Sustainable Energy Action Plan through 2020 (SEAP). It was approved on 18 December 2014 and later amended. It was updated and approved by The City Council decision # 780 of April 21, 2016.

The comprehensive energy efficiency measures included in the SEAP were based on the results of energy audits conducted in major sectors of the municipal infrastructure. The study was conducted by leading Ukrainian experts in conjunction with the City Executive Committee and communal utilities, and it resulted in a list of investment project proposals. Information on them was compiled in a separate annex – the Catalog of Investment Projects (hereinafter – the Catalog). It presents detailed information on the objectives and feasibility of every project proposal. It also presents substantiations and calculations and identifies efficiency indicators as well as the results expected from the implementation of the projects.

Implementing the SEAP measures in full will reduce CO2 emissions through 2020 by 107,100 t/year or 20.1% of the baseline year (2010)reduce energy resources consumption by 31,305 th. m3 of natural gas and over 19.6 MWh of electricity a year.