USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine
based on methodology of Norwegian company ENSI and its specialized software for buildings sector EAB


Objective of ENSI training program is to teach the specialists how to conduct energy audits of buildings, by providing them with the skills on:

•    identifying and scanning of the projects for selection of acceptable projects;
•    fulfillment of disciplinary energy calculations with use of ENSI ЕАВ software product;
•    conducting energy audit and preparation of the energy audit report that will be used as the basis for selection and implementation of the energy efficiency measures; and
•    preparation of the manuals on efficient operation and maintenance, as well as manual for energy management of the building.

A multi-disciplinary energy audit requires from the energy auditor to have basic knowledge and understanding of the physics of buildings, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electric systems, and project implementation management. As the training program is mainly focused on the existing buildings, it is desirable that the participants specialize in heating, ventilation, air conditioning in the buildings, because these disciplines require knowledge of the majority of input parameters for the process of calculation of energy functioning for the existing buildings.  But it is possible to include in the training group the specialists of the civil construction and electricity sectors.


•    Higher engineering education in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, civil construction, electricity sector, energy management, or similar.
•    At least 4 years of experience in construction, design, construction oversight, building maintenance, fulfillment of energy assessments, or other professional and scientific activities related to the energy systems in buildings.
•    Basic knowledge and understanding of energy calculations.
•    Knowledge of the building codes and standards, as well as related codes.
•    Computer skills in MS Windows environment.
•    Communication skills.


•    Availability of the certificate on training for qualification improvement for the energy managers and/or energy auditors.
•    Professional activities in the territories of Odesa oblast, city of Kharkiv and territories of Donetsk and/or Luhansk oblasts controlled by the Government of Ukraine.
•    Previous experience of energy audits.


• To take part in the training, you need to fill out the form (Annex 1) and e-mail it to the Project This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. till 5.00 p.m. on 22 March 2017.
•    Selection of the participants is conducted by the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project. Maximum number of training participants – 30 persons.
•    Location of training: Kyiv.
•    Period: April-June 2017 (preliminary agenda – Annex 2).
•    Participation in the training is free, with taking the following into account:

-    Payment for meals, accommodation and transportation at USAID MERP expenses will be done for the training participants whose primary employment includes: scientific, research and educational establishments, communal utilities and/or bodies of local self-government located in the Project partner cities (Annex  3).
-    Other participants pay for meals, accommodation and transportation from their own funds.

•    Participants must take part in all three training sessions (3 days each) in Kyiv, fulfill their homework on time and pass the tests for issuance of the certificate.
•    Every participant must be able to allocate about 300 working hours for the whole training course, mostly this is time between the training sessions (homework).
•    Participants must have personal computers to be used during the training sessions and for fulfillment of homework.


Participation Form

USAID "Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine"