The teams of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine and Internet media “Obozrevatel” launched a joint information project – series of publications on the most pressing issues of energy saving, energy efficiency and building management. From now on, we will be telling the Ukrainians in our weekly materials about the ways to reduce energy consumption and to reduce communal bills, about functioning and effective management of the homeowners associations, and about useful tips on thermal modernization and introduction of energy saving technologies in the residential buildings.

For example, we presented in the first article six efficient ways that will help reducing communal bills in the homeowners associations. These ways include hiring out auxiliary premises in the buildings, becoming a participant of the municipal programs on housing and communal sector development, allowing the advertisers to place the billboards on the buildings, etc. In the second article, we decided to discuss how one can pay for heat 70% less after conducting comprehensive thermal modernization of the building. These articles were viewed by over 18,000 Ukrainians in a week. Future information materials will be devoted to the issues of energy losses in the buildings, and the ways of eliminating them, importance of an individual heat substation, as well as control over activities of the homeowners association board. Please find the new materials here. 

USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine