In late March, Kyiv hosted a two-day training seminar that was attended by over 60 representatives of Home Owner Associations (HOAs) and Clean Energy Resource Centersfrom 12 Ukrainian cities. All these centers were established with support of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine (USAID Project). Vira Illiash, Director of Communications and Government Relations of the USAID Project, said at the opening of the seminar: "Resource Centers are first of all people! Bright personalities, concerned citizens, responsible owners, talented organizers, people who understand their role in the society and have chosen an active and honest position – to be responsible for their own comfort and well-being. We appreciate what you are doing in your cities and we are prepared to further promote your activities. We believe that this will allow us together with you to change the attitude of Ukrainians to their homes and to make them more conscientious and responsible. Read more<<