On April 19, Diana KorsakaiteChief of Party of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project (USAID Project), participated in the 20th industrial Exhibition and Forum “Independent heat power industry. During the official Opening Ceremony, Ms.Korsakaite mentioned that: “The Issues of energy Efficiency and energy Saving are currently priority Issues not only for Ukraine, but for the World as a whole. Efficiency in the use of available Energy resources Depends on fruitful Cooperation between the State, Manufacturers, and international OrganizationsWe hope that this anniversary Exhibition will help the Participants build strong mutual Relations which in future will help Ukraine become energy independent”. During the ExhibitionMs.Korsakaite gave a Presentation at the Municipal Energy Forum regarding the Experience and Results of the USAID Projects work on Creating the legislative Framework and Conditions for expanding the Opportunities of Municipalities to invest in energy Reform.