1. Roof insulation.

2Heat insulation of the building envelope.

3. Insulation of attic floor, combined floor structure or pitched roof with polyurethane foam.

4. Insulation of portions of vertical surfaces and constructional wall and roof connections with polyurethane foam. 

5Partial or complete reconstruction of the roofing before insulating the attic floor.

6. Insulation of the floor or basement floor

7. Heat insulation of basements, foundations and pedestals

8Replacement of old windows with modern plastic or metal-plastic windows.

9. Installation of window ventilators.

10. Heat insulation or replacement of entrance doors.

11. Arrangement of a single or double ante-room. 

12Installation of door closers.

13. Installation of reflectors (screens) behind radiators

14. Insulation of pipelines in the heating systems.

15Insulation of pipelines in the hot water supply (HWS) system.

16. Installation of manual thermostatic valves on radiators with preliminary adjustment (balancing of the double-pipe heating system)

17. Installation of automated heat energy supply unit (individual heat substation (IHS) with weather-based control). 

18. Installation of automated HW supply unit

19. Replacement of the high-speed heat exchanger in an HWS system with a plate heat exchanger. 

20. Reconstruction of the ventilation system with the installation of a heat recuperator (use of central and apartment-level recuperation).

21. Replacement of indoor lighting incandescent lamps (also in common areas) with modern energy efficient lamps.

22. Installation of astro timers[1] in the lighting system for common areas.

23. Installation of motion sensors in the lighting system for common areas.

24. Installation of gas meters. Optimization of work of the building internal gas supply system

[1]Astro timer is a device for precise automatic turn on and turn off for the lighting and other electricity consumers at the time of sunrise and sunset, with daily adjustment during the year. In the process of astro timer setup, GPS coordinates are input, as well as current date and time are set.